You already know your own product or service and know what your business can offer.dartsboard_249

However, being able to identify and contact your ideal new market and converting them into valued and profitable clients requires access to the sorts of specially targeted marketing services which we offer, giving you a carefully ‘aimed and targeted’ marketing process, rather than the more inaccurate ‘shotgun’ approach.

Marketing Databases and List Rental

Access 1000′s of direct marketing databases from the UK, Europe and the US. We supply B2B and B2C list rental for Telemarketing, Direct Mail, Email or SMS campaigns. Counts are free of charge. Now you can buy On-Line B2B marketing databases and download the data straight away. Marketing databases can be selected by a wide range of criteria. For more information on list rental go the business list or consumer list rental pages

Email Marketing, Broadcasting

EmailMarketing Currently email marketing is the fastest growing   media in direct marketing. Fast delivery in full colour directly to the recipients computer in a matter of minutes. New subscription free On line Email Marketing and Broadcasting Service is now available plus UK based fully staffed help desk to help get the best out of an campaign. HTML creation, Opt In Data, Spam and Outlook junk folder rule checking service available.

Database Cleaning and Verification

Clean customer data is the core of any successful business. An awful lot can be wasted in time and hard cash using out of date marketing databases or contacting customers and prospects who are no longer at the address on the database. There is also an increasing amount of legislation regarding cold telephone calls that can result in heavy fines for breaking the regulations.

We offer a full range of data cleaning and verification services that refresh commercial and residential data as well as ensuring that you know which prospects and customers have, for instance, registered on the TPS or MPS databases.

A free audit is offered to all clients so you can see what needs doing and the costs of each part of the process. Databases of up to 1 million records can be turned around in a few hours or overnight

Direct Mail

You can now send a letter or a 4 colour postcard for as little as £0.43 (in UK) including the postage. No minimum volumes and no stationary needed. We also run a conventional direct mail mailing service, ideal for the more complex or larger volumes


  • Appointment making
  • Market Intelligence gathering
  • Seminar Booking
  • Data Enhancement and Cleaning
  • Mystery Shopping


Why Catalogues & Direct Mailings still work

Tman CataloguesResearch in 2012 confirmed that: A quarter of UK consumers ordered an item from a company having   received and browsed a printed  catalogue. Purchasing decision do not solely rely on the internet, other channels have a role to play and a catalogue and direct mailings are just part of this mix. Purchasing decision do not solely rely on the internet, other channels have a role to play and a catalogue and direct mailings are just part of this mix.

People are driven to visit a website having received an item of direct mail.  Over 35% of businesses with a   catalogue, say that over half their sales come from this channel.

Catalogues are an important selling channel which does a multitude of tasks…

  • Integral link between e-commerce, websites and email-marketing
  • Instantly communicates the personality of the company, its offering, and give a reason to use it
  • Builds a dialogue with readers and encourages them to explore other products– a face to face sales ‘person’
  • Has the ability to reach potential customers like no other marketing channel – always proved to be responsive, and remove barriers for customers to place orders

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